25 October 2017

Analysis helped us pinpoint an area that has high margay activity!

Ed & Debi Willoughby are the founders of the Belize Wild Cats Project. They have teamed up with native Belizean Sipriano Canti, and together they run the project, maintain the cameras, network with other wildlife professionals and guide the project in a positive direction.

Our mission is to ensure Belize's wild cats remain wild with plenty of habitat to live in and expand into. This is accomplished through field research, active community involvement and a commitment to outreach education.

Who We Are

Parent Company: Jungle Encounters

                   501(c)3   EIN #82-2129994

The Project

Our Mission

Who We Are

​​24 Jan 2019
Volunteer research team assisting us with our trail camera placement.


This is an image of a beautiful wild ocelot that passed in front of one of our trail cameras.

​​22 July 2018
College students learning how to maintain our trail cameras.

This project is run by using trail cameras set up at different locations in the jungles of Belize. This project is funded solely by donations from the public. Our time spent on this project is volunteer time and we are not compensated for our work. You can learn more about our project on our Research Page.