Debi & Ed Willoughby volunteer their time for this project, they are not compensated to do the work needed to keep this project running. They also donate equipment, marketing materials and other misc operating expenses.

Sipriano Canti receives a nominal stipend to protect and maintain the cameras.

100% of the your donation goes directly to the equipment replacement and maintenance for this project.


Project costs:

The project costs are few and simple:

           - Equipment replacement                        $2,500 per year

                due to the harsh tropical weather, 20% of our trail cameras malfunction and need to be replaced each year

             - Camera maintenance                           $3,500 per year

                    this pays 1 person a stipend for the cameras to be checked, protected and maintained throughout the year                    

Parent Company: Jungle Encounters
                   501(c)3   EIN #82-2129994

This project is run solely on donations made by businesses and people like you. Without them this project wouldn't exist.

You can donate to us via paypal using our email address:

There are 2 ways to donate:

1. donate funds so we can buy and maintain equipment. You can mail us a check, payable to Jungle Encounters 281 Albee Rd Uxbridge, MA 01569. Or use your credit card on paypal. Our paypal email address is All size donations are welcome!


2. donate new equipment to us. Just email us for details!