20 Jan 2018

We held our first Fundraiser Dinner Event! Everyone had a good time, the food was delicious and our friend who volunteered his time to cook for us won the TV raffle prize! Thank you everyone for your support!

25 Oct 2017

After analyzing the images we got back last month, we were able to pinpoint an area that has high margay activity. As a result, we will be dedicating more cameras to that area next month to learn more about them.

12 Feb 2019

We brought a group of people down to Belize to assist us with research. We had a great time, we saw a lot of beautiful wildlife on our hikes and the team got great experience as they learned about trail camera research! All in all it was a productive trip and our cameras are doing well! We want to thank everyone who joined us, your help was much appreciated!

2 May 2019

Eight of our newest trail cameras were stolen in the field by poachers, so we are trying to raise funds to replace these cameras. We held a Facebook fundraiser and we are now holding a fundraiser at Uno's in Millbury, MA on May 22. Anyone who goes to Uno's that day and shows them our voucher, will have up to 20% of their dinner cost donated to our cause. You can learn more about this event on Facebook.com/belizewildcats. Hope to see you there!

16 July 2017

We analyzed the images we received off of our trail cameras in May and found there is a beautifully patterned ocelot who's territory runs alongside a river. We have future plans to dedicate more cameras to his territory to learn more about him.

31 Dec 2017

We have finished our first year of trail camera surveys in southern Belize. Analysis of the data shows jaguar and puma have more of a presence along the edges of areas. of human encroachment, but the small cats (ocelot, margay and jaguarundi) are more adundant in areas of low human impact. We will be going back to Belize in February to further our project.

21 January 2017

We have expanded our research into the maya mountains at the Toucan Ridge Ecology and Education Society (TREES)! This location is about a 2 hour drive north of BFREE and will expand our outreach. We are very excited to partner up with the people at TREES in this endeavor!

22 August 2019

We are moving to Phase 2 of 10 year research project in Belize! For the past 3 years we have gathered images of a variety of wildlife in central and southern Belize. In Phase 2 we will be focusing on two areas: 1) the effect agroforestry has on margays and 2) baseline data in the Belize Central Wildlife Corridor in prep for wildlife introduction.

28 Sep 2018

We held our second annual Fundraiser Dinner! We had amazing raffle prizes, a full house of people and two beautiful baby wild cat ambassadors at the event! Everyone had a great time and can't wait for next years dinner! Thank you everyone for your support, it means a lot to us!

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10 July 2019

Sneak peek at a male ocelot caught on one of our trail cameras at BFREE in southern Belize.

26 June 2018

We are offering a research opportunity to those wishing to gain field experience with wild cats! Join us in Belize from February 2-7, 2019! You can download our brochure on our Get Involved page of our website,

26 February 2018

We set up a group of trail cameras at TREES to see what wild felines call the edge of the maya mountains their home. Hiking along the mountains was exhausting, but we can't wait to see what cats live in that area!

26 April 2016

Finally! This project has broken ground, we have set out the cameras at BFREE! After 3 long years of research and development, we are finally up and running!

18 September 2019

We will be exhibiting at the Wildlife Conservation Network Expo in San Francisco on Saturday October 12, 2019. Come see our booth and listen to top notch wildlife conservation speakers from around the world!

News & Events:

22 July 2018

During our latest trip to TREES to maintain our trail cameras we were asked to do a short presentation to a group of college students who were visiting TREES. We spoke with them about our wild cat research and invited them on our hike into the jungle to help us maintain our cameras. Here is a pic of the students learning how to maintain cameras.